It is a truth universally acknowledged that there’s no party like a Convention party. The costumes, the performers, the people – it’ll be the best night of your life, over and over again.


“Mission Control this is Sydvention… we are go for launch…” Rangers, it’s time. Time to lift off and start your discovery.
Your six-hour mission: boldly go where no human has gone before… into the ether, into new galaxies, into the corners of your imagination. Thrust off those worldly ties and let your earthly-self go. Leave behind everything that grounds you and leap! into a night of intergalactic frivolity. But move quick, you never know when the gravity will realign…

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Brush off the crust from Sunday night’s ethereal adventures, because your Monday night (full rego only!) social is So Fresh! Rangers, this is your classic convention night, your old-school, hella swag, house party. That’s right, we’re going back to school, and we’re kicking it back old-school. And what better place to do so than in Greenwood Hotel, set in the grounds of an old school itself!? So, get ready to boogie the night away with the best tunes from the 90s to now… but make sure you’re on your best behaviour or we just might have to bring out those old-school punishments.


Yep, you read that right. Dungeons and Drag Queens.

Think dark corners, think grime, think fifty shades of ... filth. Think sex(y), sticky dreams, long swords, whips and black ribbon handcuffs. But that's not all. This, Rangers, is your night to dare. Sydney is all about diversity, and Convention is too.

This is about expression. This is about unleashing that inner self, whatever that 'self' of yours may be. So dress it up, dress it down, just come ready for...well, whatever you desire...

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Sequins and duck feathers, clowns all aplenty,
Bright coloured hoops, acrobats all bendy,
Performers who seem to fly without wings,
These are a few of our Carnaval things.

Rangers in costume line up for the Wheel,
Get to the top and all let out a squeal,
Carnies and side shows, cups filled to the brim,
These are a few of our Carnaval things.

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Gala Ball 2017 supported by MDA National.

Come, Ranger, take my hand,
As we leave reality and float away to Neverland.
'though by week's end you mightn't have kept your love or kiss,
Slip on your stylish suits and smocks, for these feelings do exist.

Step into a night more vivacious than the day,
Where traipsing through lacing leaves, you'll feast and you'll play.
Come, as the forest beckons you into its pulsating heart,
Believe us, dear Ranger, this is only the start...